Our philosophy summed up in a quote

Our philosophy summed up in a quote

Friday, January 17, 2020

Recommendations for Lisa M. Boyles and her services

Contact Lisa M. Boyles at (317) 792-3483 or basilheart@gmail.com 

Lisa has not only helped my son with his academics, but has enabled him with tools to enjoy exploring his unique personality and use his gifts.    M. Zajac

Lisa is truly the best tutor around.  She has a gift and it is so amazing to see her share it with others.  My kiddos are very lucky to call her their teacher/tutor!  B. Gunyon

Lisa is always on time and is proactive about checking in instances of holidays and bad weather.  She is passionate about what she does and
cares deeply about th
e well being and development of the children she works with. My child is excited to learn new things and show off what he has learned because of the energy she brings.  Always smiling, always prepared, always on time, knowledgeable and passionate.  What more could you ask?   M. Wright

Lisa is passionate about helping people, young and old, reach their full potential.  She is tireless in her dedication to her students and is genuinely thrilled when she sees success.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lisa to anyone who is looking for a tutor in any subject.  She is a quirky wonderful soul who is worth every penny she charges.  K. Cabell

Lisa tutored my daughter to help her with reading.  She spent an hour with her per week over a 6 month period.  Lisa always was prepared with lots of material to work on with her.  She sent home materials to work on during the week to help supplement our home school lessons.  My daughter's reading improved greatly over the 6 months.  Lisa was patient and encouraging.  I highly recommend Lisa to families considering her services. R. Kielma

Lisa is amazing.  She has really helped my children. L. Wuertz

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