Our philosophy summed up in a quote

Our philosophy summed up in a quote

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Entrepreneurial Spirit

I found an article by Matt Ehrlichman that explains elements of the entrepreneurial spirit that I wish to engender here at Discovery Encourager Tutoring and Mentoring.  Please follow this link to read the article in its entirety. Ehrlichman lists the top five characteristics of a person with an entrepreneurial spirit as one who is 1) in-tune with their passion, 2) always questioning how it can be done better and, 3) optimistic about all possibilities.  He goes on to say that a person with an entrepreneurial spirit also 4) takes risks and 5) executes.

Ehrlichman contends that these characteristics cannot be taught, but I believe these attitudes and actions can be nurtured in a student and can lead to their success as future adults. Through Discovery Encourager Tutoring and Mentoring I assist students not only with their academic subjects, but I also help them to develop life skills such as visioning, taking calculated risks, creative thinking, and follow-through.  Many students that are struggling in school decide that learning is not for them and do not realize that learning is something that they can also do outside of school and for the rest of their life. I strive to promote joy in learning as I teach and to encourage my students and mentees to be lifelong learners.

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